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I hope you forget that you have a mailbox.

Hi kids! Another amusing're welcome to kick me if you don't get a kick out of this. I know I sure did.

In September and October, I was dating this guy, Nick. I'm at college in Minneapolis and Nick is at high school in Green-freakin'-Bay, Wisconsin. Long-distance relationship. Eh.

Nick decided after two and half months into it that he didn't care to continue our relationship. The distance was too much for his booty-lovin' self, I suppose. He asked me if what we really had was "love" or if it was merely infatuation. A valid question, I'll admit.

You're yawning and waiting for me to get to the humor.

So three or four days before he broke up with me, I had no idea that our relationship was in trouble (he's a good liar) and thus sent him a painting in the mail. On the painting, I had written the words from a Dashboard Confessional song:

You wrote the words I LOVE YOU
And sprayed it with perfume...


So...hehehe...he received the package the very day after we broke up!

I think that's hilarious!

I'm going to go...snort some soy milk powder now...or something.
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